Who We Are

Script Adviser is a specialty medical provider unconstrained by physical location improving the treatment of Infectious Disease through concurrent collaboration with other healthcare practitioners and their patients via cloud-based video conferencing and decision support technology.

The Vision

To support improved global population health through the development and use of informed, integrated healthcare solutions.

What Drives Us?

Empirical treatment is complex, ambiguous and constantly evolving. As a result, over 50% of antimicrobial prescriptions are incorrect, leading to rapid antibiotic resistance worldwide. With healthcare complexity and costs rising, access to proper care and expert advice has not increased despite improvements in technology.

Our Mission

Implement informed, integrated healthcare solutions that improve quality of care and patient satisfaction with a financial return to all stakeholders.

What We Do

Informed. Efficient. Actionable. TM

Script Adviser’s Key Benefits:

"Get it Right, Infectious Disease Simplified." TM

About us

Script Adviser is a team of experienced healthcare providers, technologists, and business leaders developing innovative products and services to meet the Triple Aim.